The Supercomputer

1 minute read

What would you do if you had the most powerful super computer available to you at any time?

I’m not talking about a super computer by today standards. Think about the future. Think about a hundred years from now, maybe even more.

This computer can do even the most complicated processing almost instantly. Scientific applications? Cancer research? DNA research? Pattern matching? It can do any of those, instantly. It just needs the right algorithms. What would you program?

It has so much disk space, and storage algorithms are so efficient, that you can store almost infinite data. It can keep all libraries in the world and still provide extremely fast access and search. It stores almost any information available and provides means to make cross references, generating more and more information all the time. It also has a software that knows how to qualify useful information and present it to you in a very simple way. What kind of information would you store? What kinds of data mining would you do, to take information from different areas, apparently unrelated, and join them together into one thing?

Mouse and keyboard are way in the past. This computer has spacial awareness, it can track almost anything in 3D space. It has amazing sound and language processing. It can detect subtle facial expressions and air movements. It almost seems like it can read minds. It can inspect people and understand their intentions, emotions and fears. It can generate speech with perfect grammar and intonation. It can express almost any emotion. How would you interact with this computer? How would you play games on it? How would it change the way people communicate?

How much potential do we waste because of fear?