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Testing SML

1 minute read

I’m currently taking a course on Programming Languages, by Dan Grossman, which you can find for free here.

Speed up SSH

less than 1 minute read

According to the ssh_config(5) man page, ssh can have the following options: ControlMaster, ControlPath and ControlPersist

Automating Vagrant 1.2.3 with Rake

1 minute read

For my current project, I need to run a script after creating a VM. Of course I could package the new VM with the modifications already done, but by running ...

The Supercomputer

1 minute read

What would you do if you had the most powerful super computer available to you at any time?

On Writing

1 minute read

How do people write their blogs? I Imagine people writing on airplanes, doctor waiting rooms, lunch time breaks, after coming home from work, before going to...