On Writing

1 minute read

How do people write their blogs? I Imagine people writing on airplanes, doctor waiting rooms, lunch time breaks, after coming home from work, before going to bed. I find it very hard to write in any of these occasions. Actually I find it very hard to write at all.

Not that I don’t have topics to write about. It’s just that the thoughts come to me so out of the blue that I have no time to capture them, usually when I’m about to go to the shower. When I finally get to write, it’s already a distorted second version. I can’t even remember everything.

So my question is: How do you, bloggers and writers in general, capture the ideas you have. That moment when you’re thinking about something, you know is good, but you also know it can’t wait?

It’s similar to what Stephen King said somewhere in the Dark Tower series: The story is a flow of energy that comes from another world. It comes through you, as if you can hear it. It happens to me, but when I finally get to write, then it’s my version, way less awesome then the original one I heard in my head.